About Us


The University of Utah values women and what they contribute to campus and the community.  The Women’s Enrollment Initiative is designed to recruit, retain, and graduate women through a network of support that provides opportunities and creates innovative partnerships that positively impact the full range of experiences for women as they pursue their educational and professional goals.

Wrap-Around Services

The WEI connects self-identifying women students with wrap-around services. This means, if it has to do with your life, we care about it. If we can’t solve or mitigate the concern, we know someone who can.
Common concerns that students bring to our office include:


The University of Utah and the Division of Student Affairs has identified diversity and inclusion as a goal critical to the mission of educating students. The Women’s Enrollment Initiative (WEI) launched in Fall of 2015 with the mission to recruit, retain and graduate women and seeks to be inclusive and welcoming to women from all backgrounds and life experiences. Our defined work is to reach out to all women by providing safe spaces, academic support and a sense of belonging. Diversity is a value deeply imbedded in the work of the WEI and we will acknowledge our commonalities and embrace the many unique characteristics of our difference.