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WEI encourages students to get involved on campus and in their communities. It is easy to feel disconnected and our goal is to ensure that all students feel connected at the University of Utah. We want to help our students build their own communities and getting actively involved contributes to their growth. A community becomes your place in the world that allows you to have a sense of belonging. You can meet new people, begin cultivating friendships that will shape the direction your community is headed. More importantly, everyone has skills, gifts and talents that can help contribute to the lives of others. WEI knows there’s more to the college experience than the classroom, so make sure to take advantage of the endless possibilities, and know we’re help to help you.

Here are a few suggestions on ways to get involved at the University of Utah:

  Participate in Community Service

Whether you join a student organization devoted to community service or take part in a single project, community service can broaden your horizons. You’ll build your resume, gain valuable skills and feel a sense of pride in giving back to your community. In addition, community service projects often take you away from school and help you become more familiar with the area surrounding your campus, exposing you to a host of new resources.

  Attend Lectures, Performances & Presentations

Most colleges bring in visiting lecturers, authors, theater groups and more. These guests help develop the vibrant life of any college or university. As an added bonus, you just might find a new friend who shares your interests sitting next to you.

  Join a Pre-professional Organization

Groups like the Society of Women Engineers and Student Education Associations provide activities of interest to students planning on entering a specific profession. Connecting with others in your major is a good way to build a support network and learn from older students who have gone through the courses and scheduling issues you’re facing right now. In addition, you can learn from experts in the field, attend conferences and apply for organization-specific scholarships.

  Participate in Research

When it comes to getting involved on campus, don’t forget about getting involved in the academic life of the school. Many research projects need student assistants. Ask about opportunities for receiving class credit or becoming a paid assistant. You’ll build your resume while getting a better picture of the scope of the work your college accomplishes.

  Pay Attention

Outside of specific events you can attend or groups you can join, one of the top ways to get involved on your campus is to pay attention. Look at flyers on bulletin boards. Read announcements in the school paper. Check the schedule at the student union. By being more aware of all of the opportunities available at your college or university, you’ll find ways to fill your schedule in no time.

  Attend Campus Social Events

Campus social events, including dances, movie nights, crafting and more, provide a welcome study break and are safer alternatives to wild college parties. You may also find that you’re interested in joining the sponsoring organization.

  Provide a Paid Internship

Employers are encouraged to provide paid internships to students. We’ve learned that when you pay interns you attract more qualified candidate’s and they are more likely to find a job. The goal of internships is to help students gain valuable work experience. The National Association of Colleges and Employers found that 63.1% of paid interns received a job offer after graduating, versus 37% of unpaid interns.

  Contributing to a Scholarship

Scholarships is essential to the majority of students who are planning on graduating with a degree. We understand that college tuition and fees are increasing, and for many students paying for college is a barrier. Contributing to a scholarship will allow us to invest in the academic success of University of Utah students.

  Becoming a Mentor

Investing in the professional and academic success of students is invaluable. Being a mentor provides students with the guidance and knowledge they need to become successful in their future workplaces. Choosing to be a mentor has its benefits. The mentor will have the opportunity to develop their leadership skills, communication and the satisfaction of giving back.

  Become a Liaison

A liaison is someone who is actively supporting our mission and goals. Liaisons are critical in helping getting the word out in the community, and campus. Liaisons promote and encourage degree attainment for women. Collaborate to support women programming, and events. 


WEI welcomes individual in the SLC community, and students to volunteer at our office and learn more about the amazing work and resources that we offer. We know that volunteering is a rewarding experience and we’d like for you to consider our office. 

  Make a Donation

Donating to the WEI is a great way to contribute to the holistic success of students who may need additional assistance throughout the year. Your donation can help keep to keep a student in school, provide living expenses such as; food for students who are in a hardship.


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