The Women’s Enrollment Initiative is committed to assuring the holistic success of women students at the University of Utah. In order to do so we are charged with not only assisting students academically, but also putting into place professional internship opportunities that allow for a smoother transition into the professional workplace.

Internships provide real-world experience to those looking to explore or gain the relevant knowledge and skills required to enter into a particular career field. Internships are relatively short term in nature with the primary focus on getting on-the-job training, taking what’s learned in the classroom and applying it to the real world.

Employers often use internships to assess a student’s capability and look to recruit employees from their interns rather than advertise their vacancies. Therefore you should apply for an internship in which you have a real interest or some prior experience. 

If you are interested in applying for an internship or providing an internship please consider contacting us.   

How long does an internship last?

Internships can last anywhere from a few weeks during the summer holidays to a year depending on the sector and employer. Student internships tend to be shorter in length than graduate internships. 

Advantages of an Internship

  • You will have the opportunity to network within the company and develop relationships with those who may be able to help further your career. With a good work ethic and job skills, you’ll have an edge over your competitors.
  • You get a firsthand look at what working for a particular company is like.
  • You may be able to gain compensation, if not financially, perhaps in the form of school credit or a living allowance if the internship is in another physical location.
  • You will receive hands-on training to give you professional skills and experience that will prepare you for full-time employment at any company.
  • You have the opportunity to be observed and evaluated on-the-job by potential employers within your internship site.


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