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  • Get What You Deserve: Negotiation Workshop

    Get What You Deserve: Negotiation Workshop REGISTRATION IS NOW CLOSED.   Join us for a fun time researching competitive data, learning different areas of negotiation, and then […]

  • Career Catalyst

    Career Catalyst (previously called Lean In Circles) are for all members, faculty, students, and staff of the University of Utah community and our surrounding neighbors. These events explore […]

  • Womxn Wednesdays

    Join the WEI as we take in the summer sun on the Union lawn! On Wednesdays from 10AM - 2PM, the WEI will be working to improve the state of women at the U, meeting with collaborators, and […]

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  • Humans of the U: Sophie Wu

    "Coming to Utah let me believe that age and gender will never be a barrier to success. With my deepest gratitude, I humbly share this thought with you: If you believe something is right to […]

  • Humans of the U: Gavin Yehle

    “I first performed at the U’s Babcock Theatre when I was in 4th grade when I was cast as one of the leads for our school play. As a young person pursuing acting, it was […]

  • Humans of the U: Ashley Baker

    "When I was 32, my husband and in-laws convinced me to go back to school. They saw something in me that I didn’t see in myself...I guess you could say my time here has not only […]

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