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  • HerCARE Week Events

    The WEI is pleased to offer HerCare Week during Finals Week. Each day of HerCare, the WEI and our partners will be offering students an opportunity for self-care, relaxation, and pampering. […]

  • Kylee Howell Serves as Guest Speaker for October GEM Series

    On October 16th, the second GEM Series event is on Small Business and Entrepreneurship. The WEI is pleased to announce that Kylee Howell of Friar Tuck Barber Shop will be the guest speaker. […]


    The National Association for Student Affairs Administrators in Higher Education, or NASPA, selects one recipient of the prestigious Fred Turner award annually. This award is given to […]

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  • Making Sense of Doctor’s Notes

    Wendy Chapman, the chair of biomedical informatics at University of Utah Health whose informatics tools have been applied toward addressing a wide array of problems in health care, has been […]

  • Waves in lakes make waves in the Earth

    Beneath the peaceful rolling waves of a lake is a rumble, imperceptible to all but seismometers, that ripples into the earth like the waves ripple along the shore. In a study published […]

  • Boosting a lipid fuel makes mice less sensitive to the cold

    When grandpa nudges the settings on the thermostat, there’s likely a good reason. Humans, like other animals, become more sensitive to cold with age. Now, scientists […]