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The University of Utah values women and what they contribute to campus and the community.  The Women’s Enrollment Initiative is designed to recruit, retain, and graduate women through a network of support that provides opportunities and creates innovative partnerships that positively impact the full range of experiences for women as they pursue their educational and professional goals.

Dear Students, Colleagues, Friends, and Champions,


The Women’s Enrollment Initiative’s time on campus has come to an end. For the past four years, this Initiative has enjoyed working with you to increase the recruitment, and retention of women and femme at the University of Utah. We are confident that this work will continue through the efforts of individuals, teams, and departments all across campus. 

Over the years we have had the opportunity to partner with several offices across campus and partners in the community to enhance the work of our very small team. We are grateful for all of the time, energy, emotions, and resources that our collaborators have invested in the WEI and ultimately back into the students. Most notably, we thank the offices working to advance the status of women and femme at the U. We collaborated with departments across the university to provide successful events, especially the GEM Series, Career Catalyst (formerly Lean In), and the annual Women’s Leadership Summit. Without their support, we would not have been able to reach as many students as we did in our tenure.

We would be remiss not to highlight the work of the Women’s Resource Center. As we worked across campus and in the community with current and prospective students, we emphasized our “Women Wanted” brand and highlighted ways others can “WomanUp.” This office embodies these themes and will continue to be a great support for students on campus. Our office is thankful for their support over the years. The Division of Student Affairs recognizes the ongoing importance of this work and has added a position to focus on the retention of women to the WRC. We are confident their retention and support of women will not only continue but expand to meet the changing needs of students. If you are in need of support or want to further this work in your own departments, please reach out to staff at the Women’s Resource Center at




Debra Daniels, Kirstin Maanum, and Jenna Matsumura